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Van Elmarie Stadler

 "Juffrouens se mooi cupcakes vir hartjie my liefie dag. En ja, ek het geproe. Nee sê vir 'n cupcake. 

Not me😄😄😄

Loooooooooooovvvveeeee cupcakes.

Dankie cakes.net. oom Fred."


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Million Bucks


12 Ways to make a Child Feel Like a Million Bucks


#1 – Give them a COMPLIMENT.
Everyone enjoys hearing something nice about themselves, especially kids.  Most of the time, they probably need to hear something good about themselves.

#2 – Send them a POSTCARD.

Kids absolutely love getting mail. In a kid’s world, only adults get mail, so it’s a big deal when something comes with their name on it.

 #3 – Use their NAME.

Nothing is so sweet to hear as the sound of one’s own name.  You can only call a kid “buddy” or “sweetheart” so many times before they catch on.

#4 – Make your first words VALUABLE.

Talking negatively toward a child will not get you far if you’ve not first invested into them positively.  Establish a relationship before trying to enforce rules.

#5 – Kneel to their EYE LEVEL.

Getting down on their level speaks volumes about how much you care. It’s a big deal when an adult intentionally speaks to a child eye to eye.


#6 – Ask them about their WEEK.
Kids have a life too. Show you care by finding out about it. You might be surprised what you learn.


#7 – PRAY with them.

When you ask a child what you can pray with them about, you are opening a door of spiritual influence. Every kid has something they will let you pray for, if you’ll ask.


#8 – Remember their BIRTHDAY.
Kids remember you when you remember their birthday.  Remember, it’s the most important day of their year to a kid.


#9 – Go to their ACTIVITIES.
Whether they invite you to their party, their ball game, or anything else, it’s because they want you there. Your presence is a present in and of itself.


#10 – Take them OUT TO EAT.
Every kid loves to go out to eat, and every kid has a favorite restaurant. Take them out to eat for no specific reason and watch their face glow.

#11 – Visit them in their HOME.
There’s something magical that happens when kids who you invest into at church see you standing on the doorstep of their home. It speaks value to them.










With a smile...

With an smile we will help parents, because they pay, but we listen to children because it's their special day.


so Lekker

Baie dankie Rina! Oom Fred Oosthuizen het hierdie pragtige koekies gemaak.

Tanja Delport




Nuut / New


Ons benoem die koek na jou Kiara want jy het hom eerste gevra.


Heerlike Worsrolletjies




altyd in voorraad

Regte egte maalvleis

Neem nie verantwoordelikheid vir vingers af eet nie.


Valentine Dag

14 Februarie 2015

Wees anders, doen dit anders die jaar. Sê dit met cupcakes.


Hi Mom


#996 Minnie Mouse Day

Here is a cake to make you little girls birthday.

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Piping Bags prysverhoging van 25%

Suiker prysverhoging van 2.12%

Kit Kat prysverhoging van 4.1%

Meel prysverhoging van 7.55%

Horse & carriage prysverhoging van 28.8%

Icing sheets prysverhoging van 8.1%

2015 - Prysverhoging

Met ons eerste aankope vir 2015 is daar alreeds 'n 10% verhoging op ons voorraad.

Dit blyk dat die laer brandstof prys geen verligting mee bring nie.

Ons gaan probeer vasbyt op 2014 se pryse aan ons klante.




Please Note


Cakes Net will only open on Wednesday the 7th January 2015.


Fred & Erasmé


Spesiale geleenthede

 CAKES NET vir spesiale geleenthede.

Samantha (3 maande) se eerste besoek in SA te vier en haar te verwelkom is CAKES NET gevra om die koek vir haar te bak.


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Baie dankie vir die pragtige koek!!!! Dis awesome!!



Did you know?

In classical Roman culture, 'cakes' of flat rounds made with flour containing nuts, leavened with yeast, and sweetened with honey were occasionally served at special birthdays, but more often at weddingsas in Ancient Greece.

In early Europe, the words for cake and bread were virtually interchangeable; the only difference being that cakes were sweet while bread was not. In the 15th century, bakeries in Germany conceived the idea of marketing one-layer cakes for customers' birthdays as well as for only their weddings, and thus the modern birthday cake was born. During the 17th century, the birthday cake took on more or less its contemporary form. However, these elaborate cakes, which possessed many aspects of contemporary cakes (such as multiple layers, icing, and decorations), were only available to the very wealthy. Birthday cakes became more and more proletarianized as a result of the industrial revolution, as materials and tools became more advanced and more accessible.


Contemporary rituals and Traditions

The cake, or sometimes a pastry or dessert, is served to a person on his or her birthday. In contemporary Western cultures, the birthday person blows out the candles on the cake after those celebrating have sung the birthday song.

Child with snow white cake, circa 1930-1940



"Ek wil net dankie se vir Saterdag se 2 heerlike koeke!! Dit was pragtig en het hemels geproe!

Ananda van Heerden"

Baie dankie vir die mooi kompliment

Cakes net span