Million Bucks


12 Ways to make a Child Feel Like a Million Bucks


#1 – Give them a COMPLIMENT.
Everyone enjoys hearing something nice about themselves, especially kids.  Most of the time, they probably need to hear something good about themselves.

#2 – Send them a POSTCARD.

Kids absolutely love getting mail. In a kid’s world, only adults get mail, so it’s a big deal when something comes with their name on it.

 #3 – Use their NAME.

Nothing is so sweet to hear as the sound of one’s own name.  You can only call a kid “buddy” or “sweetheart” so many times before they catch on.

#4 – Make your first words VALUABLE.

Talking negatively toward a child will not get you far if you’ve not first invested into them positively.  Establish a relationship before trying to enforce rules.

#5 – Kneel to their EYE LEVEL.

Getting down on their level speaks volumes about how much you care. It’s a big deal when an adult intentionally speaks to a child eye to eye.


#6 – Ask them about their WEEK.
Kids have a life too. Show you care by finding out about it. You might be surprised what you learn.


#7 – PRAY with them.

When you ask a child what you can pray with them about, you are opening a door of spiritual influence. Every kid has something they will let you pray for, if you’ll ask.


#8 – Remember their BIRTHDAY.
Kids remember you when you remember their birthday.  Remember, it’s the most important day of their year to a kid.


#9 – Go to their ACTIVITIES.
Whether they invite you to their party, their ball game, or anything else, it’s because they want you there. Your presence is a present in and of itself.


#10 – Take them OUT TO EAT.
Every kid loves to go out to eat, and every kid has a favorite restaurant. Take them out to eat for no specific reason and watch their face glow.

#11 – Visit them in their HOME.
There’s something magical that happens when kids who you invest into at church see you standing on the doorstep of their home. It speaks value to them.